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Afghan Mamra almond is the kind of all almond. Almonds are storehouses of nutrition; of all the tree nuts, they have the highest amounts of proteins, fibers, calcium and vitamins B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and E. They are naturally low in sugar and unhealthy fats. Almonds help prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote gastrointestinal health, aids in weight loss, and helps prevent hair loss.

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Afghan Mamra Almond is the kind of all almonds. Almonds Are Rich Source Of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins, It Prevents Coronary Artery Disease & Strokes By Favoring Healthy Blood Lipid Profile, Skin Disorder, Anemia & Respiratory Diseases. Recommended For Children & Women At The Time Of Pregnancy Soaked In Water With A Glass Of Warm Milk In The Morning

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